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Executive Council - Resolutions

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2018 Resolutions

18-01 Authorization to Apply for EPA IGAP Grant Funding
18-02 Authorization to Apply for the National Park Service’s Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act Program Funding
18-03 Authorization to Apply for Coordinated Tribal Assistance Solicitation Funding
18-04 Support for the Sale of Alaskan Ivory and Marine Mammal Products on Etsy Marketplace, eBay and Similar Sites
18-05 Opposition to Senate Joint Resolution No. 13
18-06 Support for Angoon Community Association's Efforts to Protect Admiralty Island
18-07 Authorization to Apply for Administration of Native Americans Esther Martinez Immersion Grant Funding
18-08 Authorization to Apply for the First Nations Development Institute Native American Language–Immersion Initiative Grant Funding
18-09 Authorization to Update 2018 Long Range Transportation Plan
18-10 Authorization to Apply for Institute of Museum & Library Services Native American Basic Services Grant Funding
18-11 Authorization to Enter into the Diligent Relative Search and Indian Child Welfare Act Preference Search Support Services Funding Agreement
18-12 Authorization to Request the Bureau of Indian Affairs to Add Routes to the National Tribal Transportation Facility Inventory (NTTFI) Database
18-13 Authorization to Transfer Funds from Charles Schwab & Co. to Wells Fargo Bank
18-14 Authorization to Apply for Village Public Safety Officer Program Funding
18-15 Authorization to Apply for FY 2018 Cost of Living Adjustment Funds
18-16 Authorization to Apply for Supplemental Head Start Funds FY 2018
18-17 Authorization to Apply for State Head Start Grant for FY 2019
18-18 Authorization to Apply for State Head Start Grant for FY 2020
18-19 Authorization to Apply for an Economic Development Administration Partnership Planning Continuation Grant
18-22 Authorization to Submit a Comprehensive Opioid Abuse Prevention and Intervention Project to the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance
18-23 Appointment of Yodean Armour to Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium (SEARHC) Board of Directors
18-25 Authorization to Apply for Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Tribal Resilience Grant
18-26 Authorization to Apply for Family Violence Prevention and Services Act Grant (FVPSA)
18-27 Tlingit & Haida Support for Alaska Legal Services Corporation Application for BJA TCCLA Grant
18-28 ANCSA Section 14(h)(1) Historical Places and Cemetery Sites
18-29 Authorization to Apply for the HUD Healthy Homes Production Grant Program
18-30 Designation of Tlingit Haida Regional Housing Authority to Implement the Bureau of Indian Affairs Home Improvement Program
18-33 Head Start Duration Grant FY 2018
18-34 Authorization to Apply for a Native Elder and Victim Services Project Grant
18-35 Authorizing Representatives to Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians
18-36 Authorization to Apply for the Healthy Homes Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Program
18-37 Authorization to Participate in the Joint Tribal Amicus in Support of the Opioids Multi-District Litigation
18-38 Authorization to Submit a PL 102-477 Plan
18-39 Encourage Tlingit & Haida to Foster a Healthy Workplace Environment
18-40 Establishment of a New Tribal Policy Governing Repatriation (Ruled Out of Order)
18-41 Graphic Totemic Art Representing Moieties for Grave Markers (Ruled Out of Order)
18-42 Endorsement of U.S. House Representatives Candidate Alyse Galvin (Failed)
18-43 Clean Tourism and Protecting our Culture from Cruise Ship Dumping
18-44 Directive to Explore Gardening Initiatives in Urban and Rural Communities
18-45 Authorization to Apply for FY 19 Federal Head Start Funds
18-46 National Congress of American Indians Membership and Representation
18-47 Promoting Local Hire (Tabled)
18-48 Commitment to Increasing Access to Tribal Camps and Programs for Youth Outside of Service Areas (Tabled)
18-49 Support of the City of Kake’s Petition to the Local Boundary Commission
to Form a Kake Borough (Tabled)
18-50 Urge Puget Sound Clean Air Agency to Improve Tribal Consultation (Tabled)
18-51 Restriction of Partisan Campaign Endorsements to Tribal Assembly (Tabled)
18-52 Authorization to Apply for the Environmental Protection Agency's State and Tribal Response Program Grant
18-53 Authorization to Apply for Center for Native Child and Family Resilience Funding



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