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Executive Council - Resolutions

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2017 Resolutions

17-01 Amendments to the Investment Policy Statement
17-02 Ratification of Funds Transfer
17-03 Authorization to Apply for National Park Service NAGPRA Funding Consultation/Documentation Grant Fund
17-04 Authorization to Apply for the Social and Economic Development Strategies for Alaska Funds from the Administration for Native Americans
17-05 Authorization to Apply for Early Head Start Expansions
17-06 Ratification of the Tribal Family Assistance Plan for Fiscal Years 2016-2018
17-07 Authorization to Submit an Amended Tribal Family Assistance Plans
17-08 Authorization to Establish Southeast Alaska Intertribal Court of Appeals
17-09 Support for Rural Program Funding
17-10 Support for State Tax Structure That Does Not Burden Rural Alaska
17-11 Support for Preservation of the Indian Health Care Improvement Act and Specific Indian Health Provisions, as well as Maintaining Federal Responsibility for Health Care Services
17-13 Authorization to Conduct a Regional Domestic Violence Training
17-14 Exclusion from Classified Information by the Parent of TH Services LLC
17-15 Authorization to Apply for CTAS Funding
17-16 Authorization for Tlingit-Haida Regional Housing Authority to Apply for Funding for Deep Energy Retrofits for Multi-Family Apartment Buildings Southeast Alaska
17-17 Authorization to Apply for a Rural Child Welfare Services Grant
17-18 Limited Waiver of Sovereign Immunity for the Purpose of Accepting a Rural Child Welfare Services Grant
17-19 Authorization to Apply for the Native Youth and Culture Opportunity for Alaska Funds from the First Nations Development Institute
17-21 Authorization to Transfer Funds
17-22 Authorization to Apply for Grant Funds to Facilitate ICW and TANF Collaborations
17-23 Limited Waiver of Sovereign Immunity in Order to Apply for the State of Alaska's TANF Grant
17-24 Authorization for an Indirect Shortfall to Facilitate a Collaboration with the City and Borough of Juneau and the Juneau Alliance for Menthal Health, Inc.
17-25 Authorization to Apply for the Rural Business Development Grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture
17-26 Reinstate Culture Committee as a Standing Committee
17-27 Opposition to the Commercialization of Black Seaweed in the Customary Use Areas of the Tribal Citizens of Southeast Alaska
17-28 Request to Change Opening Day for Goat Hunting Season
17-29 Creation of a Blue-Ribbon Committee to Evaluate and Provide Recommendations regarding Extending 477, TANF and Title IVD and IVE Services to Washington Chapter
17-30 Support for the Establishment of Accurate Fish Consumption Rates
17-31 Ratification of Fund Transfers
17-32 Authorization to Apply for Village Public Safety Officer Program Funding
17-33 Authorization to Apply for State Head Start Grant for FY 2018
17-34 Authorization to Apply for Supplemental Head Start Funds FY 2017
17-35 Authorization to Apply for the Indian Community Development Block Grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
17-36 Recommendation to the Tlingit-Haida Regional Housing Authority Board of Commissioners Regarding the Qualifications to Serve as a Commissioner
17-37 Exclusion from Classified Information by the Parent of KIRA Information Solutions, LLC
17-38 Authorization for the President or Chief Operations Officer to Authorize Grant Applications Under Certain Conditions

Authorization to Apply for Head Start Fiscal Year (FY) 2017 COLA Funds

17-40 Authorization to Apply for ANA Environmental Regulatory Enhancement Grant Funds
17-41 Authorization to Apply for the Family Violence Prevention and Services Act Grant
17-42 Authorization to Apply for U.S. Department of Education Native American Language Program Funding
17-43 Authorization to Apply for DOJ Funding for the 2nd Chance Program
17-44 Authorization to Apply for ANA Language Funding
17-45 Authorization to Apply for an Alaska Native Education Grant
17-46 National Congress of American Indian Membership and Representation
17-47 Authorization to Modify the FY2017 Tribal Transportation Improvement Plan
17-48 Authorized Signers for Wells Fargo Bank Account
17-49 Authorization to Submit a Fee-to-Trust Application (Block 2, Lot 3; Block 3, Lots 9, East Half of 10 and East Half of 11; and Block 5, Lot 16)
17-50 Determination of Eligibility – National Register of Historic Places For Lot 2, Block 2 in the Juneau Indian Village
17-51 Appointment of Board Member to the Tlingit Haida Tribal Business Corporation
17-52 Authorization to Apply for the Administration for Native Americans I-LEAD
17-53 Authorization to Partner with Association for Alaska School Boards for the Purposes of a U.S. Department of Education Grant
17-54 Amendment to the Anticipated Use of Proceeds
17-55 Authorized Signers for Tribal Secretary for Official Tribal Documents
17-56 Authorizations Related to the Andrew Hope Building Condominium Association Board of Directors
17-57 Authorization to Receive Funding from U.S. Department of Agriculture
17-58 Authorization of Tobacco Free Facilities
17-59 Authorization to Purchase Lot 2, Block 2, U.S. Survey 4694 of the Juneau Indian Village
17-60 Authorization to Sell Property
17-61 Amendment to Employee 401(k) Plan
17-62 Authorization to Apply for Federal FY 2018 Head Start Funds
17-63 Urging to Enact the Johnson-O’Malley Supplemental Indian Education Program Modernization Act (S.943)
17-64 Authorization to Apply Funding from the Quality Improvement Center on Domestic Violence in Child Welfare for a Research and Capacity Building Project
17-65 Exclusion from Classified Information in the Custody of Tlingit Haida Tribal Business Corporation for the Purpose of Exempting the Central Council of Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska
17-66 Support for Establishing a 2,000 foot Safety Perimeter Around Schools and Municipal Recreation Centers
17-67 Authorization to Apply for Environmental Protection Agency State and Tribal Response Program Funding
17-68 Authorized Signers for Charles Schwab & Co.
17-69 Authorization to Apply for US Department of Justice Enhanced Training and Services to End Abuse Later in Life Project Funding
17-70 Limited Sovereign Immunity Waiver for the Purpose of a Construction Contract to Improve Access to the Andrew Hope Building Parking Lot
17-71 Confidential
17-72 Authorization to Apply for Institute of Museum and Library Services Native American Museum Services Funding
17-73 Confidential
17-74 Confidential
17-75 Confidential
17-76 Authorized Signers for Official Tribal Documents
17-77 Authorized Signers for Bank of America
17-78 Authorized Wells Fargo Bank Account
17-79 Authorized Wells Fargo Employee Retirement Trustees



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