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Executive Council - Resolutions

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2016 Resolutions

Access Road - Kake to Petersburg
16-02 Establishment of Tribal Transportation Bank Account
16-04 Authorizationto Apply for FY16 Department of Justice Community Court
16-05 Participation in the Tlingit & Haida Title IV-E Foster Care Maintenance Program
16-06 Authorization to Apply for Use of " nsn.gov" Domain Name
16-07 BIA Compact Support Cost Settlement Direction
16-08 Authorization to Transfer Funds
16-09 Administration for Native American Environmental Fish Consumption Rate Study
16-10 Authorization to Apply for National Park Service NAGPRA Consultation/Documentation Grant Funds
16-11 Family Violence Prevention and Services Act Grant
16-12 Approval of a Limited Waiver of Immunity from Suit in Connection with the Tribal Title IV-E Maintenance Program Agreement
16-13 Authorizing Alaska Legal Services Corporation and New Mexico Legal Aid to Pursue Americorps Funds on Behalf Of Central Council to Implement Medical Legal Partnerships within the Central Council Service Area
16-14 Application for a Rural Child Welfare Services Grant
16-15 Waiver or Sovereign Immunity for the Rural Child Welfare Services Grant
16-20 Authorization to Apply for Village Public Safety Officer Program Funding
16-21 Authorization to Purchase Lot 9, E1/2 Lot 10, E1/2 Lot 11, Block 3 U.S. Survey 4694 of Juneau Indian Village to Juneau Town Site
16-22 Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Climate Change Adaptation Grant
16-23 Support for the Sitka Tribe of Alaska Application for the 2016 BIA Tribal Climate Resilience Grant: Ocean and Coastal Management Planning
16-24 Authorization for Central Council Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska to Participate in a Nationwide Elder Needs Assessment
16-25 Authorization of the Submission of a Fee-to-Trust Application for Juneau Indian Village Block 5 Lot 15
16-27 Authorizing the Submission of a Native Connections Behavioral Health Project to SAMHSA
16-28 ICDBG - Housing First Support for the Homeless Public Facility Project
16-29 Confirmation of Citizen Participation for Housing First
16-30 Authority to Apply for FY 17 State Head Start Grant
16-31 Authorization to Apply for Funding from Department of Health and Human Services, Administration or Children and Families for the Alaska Native/ State and Tribal Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) Implementation Partnership Grant
16-33 Authorized Signers for Tribal Secretary for Official Tribal Documents
16-34 Authorization of the Submission of a Fee-to-Trust Application
16-35 Authority to Apply for FY 16 Supplemental Federal Cola Grant
16-36 Limited Waiver of Sovereign Immunity on Vehicle Lease for Tribal Family Youth Services (TFYS) Department
16-37 Authorization of Lease with Dock Street Building Corporation for Second Floor Offices at First Bank Building for TANF and Childcare Programs and Associated Grant of a Limited Waiver of Sovereign Immunity.
16-38 National Congress of American Indian Membership and Representation
16-39 Authority to Apply for funding from the Native American Business Development Institute (NABDI) Feasibility Study Program
16-40 Adding Chapter 14, Conversion of Limited Liability Companies,
to Title 3 of the Tlingit & Haida Statute Code
16-41 To Apply for Title IV-B Subparts I (Child Welfare)& II Grants (Promoting Safe
and Stable Families) and Accept Indirect Shortfall under the Title IV-B Subpart 1
16-42 Authorization of the Submission of a Fee-to-Trust and
Reservation Proclamation Application
16-44 Authorization to Purchase Lot 16, Block 5, U.S. Survey 4694 of Juneau Indian Village to Juneau Townsite
16-45 Authorization to include Central Council's Leased George Parcel in TTD TIP
16-46 Limited Waivers of S.I for Leases of Thane Site and Adjacent Property for Development
16-47 Opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline
16-48 Authorization to Partner with Association for Alaska School Boards
16-49 Authorization to Accept Indirect Shortfall under the Title IV-B Subpart 1 Child Welfare Grant
16-50 Authority to Apply for Federal Head Start Program Continuation Grant FY 2017
16-51 Authority to Amend FY16 Federal Head Start Indirect
16-53 Tribal Transportation Improvement Plan
16-54 NIGA Tribe Membership Application
16-55 Third Modification of $1.5 Million Loan from Wells Fago Bank National Association
16-56 Authorized Signers for Official Tribal Documents
16-57 Organization of Tlingit and Haida Immersion Park
16-58 AoA Title VI Parts A, C, NSIP Application of Administration on Aging
16-59 Integrated Policy Database Management (IPDM) System
16-60 Amendments to the Investment Policy Statement for Central Council Trust Fund
16-61 Limited Waiver of Sovereign Immunity Related to the Juneau Housing First Collaborative
16-62 Fee to Trust Application
16-63 Authorized Signers for Wells Fargo Bank Account
16-64 Authorized Signers for Schwab Account
16-65 Authorized Signers for Bank of America
16-66 Authorized Wells Fargo Employee Retirement Trustee
16-67 Support of the Alaska Marine Highway Reform Project
16-68 Authorization to Apply for Funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency Alaska Division of Homeland Security's Emergency Management Grant Program
16-69 Authorization to Apply for Native Visions Fund Grant Funds
16-70 Authorization to Apply for the Economic Development Administration Planning Program and Local Technical Assistance Program Grant Funds



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